1. Eligibility

•   Membership of CLUB313 is by invitation only. No application is required.
•   313@somerset (“Mall”) invites a shopper to become a member of CLUB313 if he/she has accumulated min. spend of S$500 at the Mall within a period of 6 months.
•   Each applicant must be at least 16 years of age to be eligible for CLUB313 membership. The Mall reserves the right to request for proof of age at any time.
The Mall also reserves the right to turn away any individual from this programme without giving any reason whatsoever.
•   By accepting the CLUB313 membership, he/she (“Member”) agrees to all the terms & conditions of the programme as set forth herein, as well as subsequent amendments that the Mall may make from time to time without prior notice (“Terms & Conditions”).
•   The Mall reserves the right to amend the invitation criteria from time to time as it deems fit and without prior notice.

2. Membership account

•   Original Singapore Identification Card (NRIC), passport or Singapore long-term pass (including, but not limited to, work permit, employment pass or student pass) must be presented to the Mall’s Concierge at the time of redemption or collection of any CLUB313 reward.
•   Each Member will be issued with only one membership account. CLUB$ and other benefits under the account are non-transferable.
•   Each Member will also be issued with an online account and he/she will be responsible for all activities or transactions made on this account.

3. Validity

•   All new memberships are subject to renewal every 12 months from the date of acceptance. A Member must meet the renewal criteria specified by the Mall in order to have his/her membership renewed for another 12 months.

4. Membership Renewal

•   A Member will have his/her membership renewed for another 12 months if he/she has accumulated min. spend of S$1,000 within the 12-month period of his/her membership.
•   The renewal criteria is subject to change as the Mall deems fit and without prior notice.

5. Earning of CLUB$

•   A Member will earn CLUB$1 for every S$1 spent at the Mall if he/she meets the minimum spend of S$50 in a maximum of 3 same-day receipts.
•   CLUB$ can only be accumulated upon successful completion of membership enrolment process.
•   Receipt(s) used to becoming a CLUB313 member will not be entitled for CLUB$, inclusive of any balance amount from the receipt(s) used for enrolment.
•   All spending accumulated before the following two criteria are met (Normal shopper: Min. S$500 spent within 6 months) will not be applicable for CLUB$.
•   Accumulation of CLUB$ applies strictly to purchases made by the Member only. The Member shall not present receipts obtained from other persons for accumulation of CLUB$.
•   Spend that includes a cent value of S$0.49 or less will be rounded down to the nearest dollar. For instance, if a Member spends S$50.49, he/she will receive CLUB$50.
•   Spend that includes a cent value of S$0.50 or more will be rounded up to the nearest dollar. For instance, if a Member spends S$50.51, he/she will receive CLUB$51.
•   The Mall reserves the right to amend the quantum for any Member at any time without prior notice.
•   CLUB$ earned do not have any monetary value, and can only be used as currency for redemption of rewards under this programme.
•   All purchases made at retail, food and beverage and service outlets within 313 are eligible for earning of CLUB$. Transactions made at money-changing facilities, top-up card machines or use of any form of top-ups including without limitation, addition to any top-up cards or any purchases offset using top-up and/or points from credit/debit cards, transactions in relation to car park, purchases of cash cards/ gift vouchers/ 313 vouchers, memberships/ insurances/ travellers’ cheques and payment of bills at any 313 outlet and purchase of SISTIC tickets from the Concierge Desk or atrium fairs (by non-313 retailers) are EXCLUDED.
•   A Member can have a maximum accumulation of CLUB$2,500 per day, regardless of the actual amount spent or total value of the receipts presented.

6. Redemption of CLUB$

•   A Member can redeem his/her CLUB$ for any reward, subject to its availability.
•   Rewards are available on a first-come-first-served basis.
•   Redemption can be made at the Mall’s Concierge or via the CLUB313 website on CLUB313.com.sg.
CLUB$ accumulated will only be eligible for redemption from the following day.
•   A reward that is redeemed on CLUB313.com.sg must be collected within one month from the date of redemption. To collect the reward, a Member must present his/her original NRIC, passport or Singapore long-term pass (including, but not limited to, work permit, employment pass or student pass) personally at the Mall’s Concierge.
•   CLUB$ that have been redeemed cannot be refunded.
•   Upon redemption of CLUB$, a reward cannot be withdrawn, replaced, extended or exchanged for cash or any other reward.
•   The Mall reserves the right to determine and amend the required CLUB$ for each reward from time to time without prior notice.
•   Rewards and Prizes are subject to availability and on a first-come-first-serve basis.
•   Any shopping voucher reward shall only be valid for use at the specified store in the Mall. Member shall further abide by other terms and conditions stated on the shopping voucher.

7. Expiry of CLUB$

•   CLUB$ earned within the periods set out below will expire as follows:
CLUB$ earned in: Will expire on:
Apr - Jun 2018 31 Jul 2019
Jul - Sep 2018 31 Oct 2019
Oct - Dec 2018 31 Jan 2020
Jan - Mar 2019 30 Apr 2020
Apr - Jun 2019 31 Jul 2020
Jul - Sep 2019 31 Oct 2020

8. Expiry of Membership

•   Upon expiration of the Membership, all CLUB$ and benefits shall automatically expire or be forfeited – regardless of whether the Member has received prior notice. The Mall shall, however, endeavour to notify the Member of his/her expiring CLUB$ and/or Membership via email one month before the expiry date.

9. Discretion

•   The Mall shall not be liable to any Member for any error, omission, delay or loss of CLUB$ as a result of technical malfunction or any error attributed to the Mall’s staff, employees, agents or service providers.
•   The Mall reserves the right to add, edit or remove any reward from time to time. The Mall reserves the right to suspend any Member’s account and/or forfeit the CLUB$ under the account without prior notice if Member breaches any of these Terms & Conditions or is suspected to have abused the benefits of the programme.
•   The Mall further reserves the right to take any corrective or preventive actions to any Member and his/her account as it deems fit in order to ensure the continued operation of the programme and/or protect the interests of other Members.
•   The Mall makes no warranty to the condition of all the rewards and will not be liable for any loss or injury that is incurred by the Member or by any third-party arising from the use of the reward.
•   The Mall reserves the right to amend the benefits and Terms & Conditions of this programme from time to time without prior notice. The Mall also reserves all rights, including but not limited to, the right to amend or terminate any Membership or the entire reward programme at any time without prior notice. The Member agrees to be bound by the decision of the Mall without demanding any compensation whatsoever.
•   The decisions of the Mall on all matters regarding the programme shall be final and conclusive. No correspondence shall be entertained.
•   Members agree that the Mall and its service providers shall use any information collected from the Members to operate or improve the programme.
•   Members agree to consent to the collection and use of their personal data by the Mall for promotional, marketing and administrative purposes including administering the CLUB313 Membership program. The Mall may share and sometimes transfer your personal data to related companies, Lend Lease Retail Pte Ltd and other third parties who provide support to us for our administrative and business functions. The collection, use and disclosure of your personal data is governed by the Privacy Policy at http://www.313somerset.com.sg/en/General/Privacy
•   Members are responsible for updating the Mall on their contact information and any changes thereafter.